Why celebrate your company anniversary?

Perchè festeggiare l’anniversario aziendale?

Ideas and tips on how and why to organize your company anniversary.

Why you should celebrate your company anniversary and invest precious time in organizing everything necessary, starting with the invitations for employees, collaborators and customers, continuing with the choice of location and the lunch or dinner menu and finishing with the preparation of the inevitable and feared thank you speech for participating in the event and anything else we will invent to say to make those 5/10 minutes pass before the fateful toast. By the way, remember one of the most important things, the choice of gift. A lot of things! when you would have many other, in your opinion, much more important things to do, right? ...and then here it is:

9 good reasons to celebrate your company anniversary:

  1. underline the solidity of the company
  2. strengthen relationships with customers
  3. strengthen employees' sense of belonging
  4. relaunch the company's image
  5. communicate the launch of a new product
  6. communicate new loyalty promotions
  7. be remembered with a gift
  8. use the event as a marketing lever
  9. and why not, also have fun!

Corporate Solidity

Reaching the milestone of an anniversary, especially if you are celebrating 10, 20 or more years of activity, is something to show off as a guarantee of solidity for the experience acquired, the knowledge of your commercial sector and the ability demonstrated over the years to adapt to the evolution of the market. Describing the resources deployed by the company over time is as important as remembering the difficulties of the beginning and the ability to hold on. He talks about the successes achieved over the years, always underlining the fundamental role played by the customers who have accompanied the company on this long journey. Then prepare a speech that narrates this adventure, because good stories, especially if true, are never forgotten.

Strengthen relationships with customers

This is a very important aspect also because, as we know, it is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one, so make your customers an integral part of this celebration, underline the importance they have had for you and the history of your company, this is the time to strengthen relationships to face the new challenges that the market offers. Telling your company's purpose will remind customers of the role you played in their successes.

Strengthen employees' sense of belonging

But don't forget your employees: your team! A united and cohesive team is synonymous with strength and efficiency and represents a guarantee of safety in the customer's eyes. Sharing a convivial moment is certainly an excellent way of strengthening relationships between colleagues. increase team harmony and the sense of affiliation, so don't forget that the company anniversary is also the anniversary of your collaborators, a sign of a long and established understanding. Companies are not just capital, structures, products but live on people, on their experience, resourcefulness, know-how, ability to solve problems and above all on their ideas.

Relaunch the company's image

Not everything always goes right and difficulties are part of the journey, even on these occasions the anniversary can become a founding event for the relaunch of your brand, it serves to remind your collaborators that they are part of the new journey and this helps them it will motivate you to commit to the success of the company. The company anniversary can tell a story that gives a glimpse of the new challenges, the new goals to be achieved, instilling confidence and showing prospects of success, perhaps even with a new product.

Communicate the launch of a new product

We are in the digital age but what better opportunity to check if your new product is popular with the public, your customers. Organize the presentation of the new product carefully, it could become the icing on the cake that transforms the commitment and time spent in organizing the anniversary into something concretely useful.

Communicate new promotions

Be that as it may, the anniversary is an event and as such a good time to promote, I recommend, in an elegant and discreet manner your product collection and current offers, perhaps by placing them on a banner, a flyer, or on the brochure that will accompany the gift ... Your choice!

Be remembered with a gift

We now come to the gift, a problem apparently difficult to solve, you want it to be useful but at the same time able to indulge the vanity of those who receive it, it must be durable but at the same time fashionable, it must certainly make you remember, remind you of the company but it would be great if it did so all the time, not only from the hidden corner of the bookcase or the drawer of the dresser, in short, a daily witness that represents you, speaks of you, of your reliability and ability to profitably serve your customers. I know, I may sound biased, but this gift really does sum up all these characteristics and many more if a Swiss-made heart were to beat inside it. I am talking about the watch that, worn on the wrist, will communicate your brand wherever your customers go. It is clear that it must be a watch that is customized in all its aspects, made by someone who knows how to do it, by someone who, for example, has already celebrated their 25th company anniversary.

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The company anniversary as a marketing lever

Organize it carefully, in all its aspects but above all make the most of the opportunity by ensuring that the memory of it remains alive for many months. We are in the era of social media and corporate blogs, capture the most beautiful images, film the most intense or funniest moments and transform them into promotion of your brand because ultimately doing business means transforming an idea into a business.

Location, music and good food

Choose the right environment for your guests, it could be a farmhouse, a restaurant, a conference centre, if in addition to everything we have already said the location will put guests at ease, the music will be able to create the right relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the catering or menu will adapt to all your needs, you will have a successful corporate anniversary that will be remembered over time and will enhance your company.

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