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ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

We design and manufacture exclusive watches

Why should you entrust the designing and production of your wristwatches to us?

Intermedia Time has over 30 years of experience in the conception, design, and production of wristwatches. We collaborate with companies operating in all sectors, offering them the style and craftsmanship of Made in Italy.

Italian concept, design and style.


The first step is an in-depth analysis of the brand identity, followed by product needs profiling. A targeted study is carried out that coordinates fashion trends with our customer's needs.


We focus on the details of the design such as the choice of colors, and research into fabrics, leathers, or any other innovative materials until we achieve the ideal ensemble that brings the product idea closer to the brand voice.


We examine the design and mechanics to be integrated, according to the type of brand and aesthetics, choosing between quartz, automatic, or manual mechanics, even in Swiss-made versions for high-end watchmaking.


The wristwatch project starts to come to life with the creation of prototypes, which are useful to visualize the final product in its entirety, fully highlighting all the features to be assessed.


After obtaining confirmations to proceed from our customers following examination of the prototypes, production of wristwatches in the agreed number of pieces begins. The components are assembled by our skilled workforce.


We know that the eye wants its part, which is why we include a customization service for packaging, boxes, and exclusive wrappings that can immediately communicate the quality and style of each watch.

Customer care

Intermedia Time also provides renderings, photos, and videos, created ad hoc for both the watch design and post-production phases.

In this way, we support our clients by providing them with quality material for product presentations or social or crowdfunding campaigns.

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