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OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Bringing your original project to life

Do you already have an idea?

If you are looking for a partner company to support you in the realization of an ongoing project, Intermedia Time can assist you in the post-creative process, producing wristwatches, jewelry, and merchandising.

Why are we the perfect partner if you are creating your wristwatches?

Analysis of your project

We study every detail of the projects submitted to us, analyze every technical detail and, if required, offer our support to resolve any critical issues.

Customized quote

As soon as the project is confirmed in each of its parts, our experts examine all points and make a customized quote, considering all of our customer's requests and wishes.

Production and delivery

After approval of the quote, the project is entrusted to our team, and production of the order is started. If requested, the order will be delivered complete with customized packaging and ready to sell.

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