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We make your favorite items unique

Why choose gadgets or watches in our catalogue?

Producing promotional items can often take a long time. We have over 300 watches in our catalog to suit a multitude of different styles and needs, ready to be customized at short notice to meet even the most challenging requests.

Customized watches, gadgets, and promotional items

Our production of customized wristwatches has been based on order, methodicalness, and professionalism since 1991.

We see each watch not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a potential advertising gadget, ideal for promoting events or company anniversaries, or as a surprising gift that catches the eye and gets people talking.


We realize original and elegant customizations with craftsmanship using a wide variety of techniques, both classical and technologically advanced, such as full dial process colors that make the watch unique as if it were a true work of art.

We do progressive numbering for limited series, insertion of the logo matching the aesthetics of the dial, and design of packaging, boxes, and dedicated wrappings.


We carefully select plating, straps, crowns, and materials, meticulously designing dial details as well as case shapes and sizes. 

Our customers desire watches that provide maximum wearability, which is why we have a wide range of options to offer.


Together with you, we design classic, elegant, and timeless models, others that wink at the world of fashion, and authentic watchmaking jewelry with a luxurious look.

All watches can be customized according to your taste and requirements. Intermedia Time's technical department will always be on hand to help you and ready to dispel any doubts.

Specialized for all customization needs


  • Logo printed in a four-color process
  • Full dial print
  • Logo printed at 12 o'clock - 4 or more colors
  • One-colour logo print
  • Logo labeling at 12 o'clock


  • Logo side engraving
  • Coatings
  • Craftsmanship


  • Logo engraving


  • Laser engraving
  • Limited series engraving
  • Anniversary engraving
  • QR code engraving


  • Hot stamping on leather
  • Customization on silicone strap
  • Laser engraving on steel strap
  • Stitching and embroidery on leather
  • PDV on steel bracelets
  • Coating on steel bracelets


  • Laser engraving

Boxes and Cases

  • Standard external print on paper box
  • Internal and external leather box print
  • Outside metal box print
  • Sleeve and postcard print for Welcome Kit and Onboarding Kit

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