Work on the dials

Lavorazioni sui quadranti

Precision machining on the dials of our watch production.


In the production of watch dials, Guillochè processing is a decorative technique that consists of creating a design (pattern) through engraving or deposition of material. It is used in watch dials to embellish them, creating particular optical and light effects. In the image you can see, in the position of the hours, the applied metal indexes; this type of index is of greater value as it is a process that is carried out by hand.

Embossed Print

With relief printing it is possible to obtain pleasant layering effects that provide three-dimensionality to the watch dial.
The subsequent addition of colored decorative designs gives the perception of a small material painting.
The print is called Emboss if the surface is raised, Deboss if the surface is lower than that of the dial.


Carbon fiber is widely used in the motoring world.
Car bodies, motorbike frames, brakes, helmets and much more are made of this material and this has given credit to its sporting value. This is why carbon fiber dials are often used in sports watches in order to aesthetically enhance their style. The structure of this material is very particular as it is made of hexagonal shapes linked together in such a way as to form planes of graphitic carbon. Carbonization, oxidation and heating are the main processes that develop the fiber.


Mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is a prestigious material used for the production of watch dials.
It is obtained from the internal levels of shells but especially from oysters.
Its shiny and iridescent color distinguishes many fashion accessories such as earrings, bracelets, brooches and buttons and it is precisely because of this peculiarity that it is attractive to the human eye.
It often features iridescences of blue, green and yellow.

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