Production of watch bracelets

Produzione bracciali per orologi

A selection of bracelets that we use in our watch production

Solid steel bracelets

When you look at a bracelet watch in the shop window, you will certainly be struck by the shine of the steel or gold links, but if you then wear it on your wrist, another feature will attract your attention, the weight. The mesh seen from the inside may appear as a single piece or it may have a thin slit. These are the clues to two of the three bracelet models you can find on the market. The so-called 'solid' bracelet is made up of links constructed as a single, solid piece and therefore this type of bracelet is usually the heaviest.

Ceramic bracelets

The play of reflected light on these ceramic bracelets is the most striking aesthetic feature of the wristwatch. The lights and shadows change with the wearer's movement, drawing like a jewel the eyes of those around you.
The colors of the ceramic vary according to the chromophore oxides mixed with the clays and in addition to the classic black and white, shades of yellow, orange and dark red can be obtained.

Folded steel bracelets

In the design of a wristwatch, the bracelet is an essential component. The bracelet highlights the aesthetic qualities of the watch in an important way but also affects its price. So, in addition to the solid bracelets, which we have already mentioned, we also present the folded steel bracelet, which is more reasonably priced. This type of bracelet is the result of an industrial construction of several steel sheets visible to the naked eye. The differences from the solid version can be seen in the weight as well as in the back finish, where the juncture points of the steel foil can visibly be noticed.

Plastic bracelets with metal inserts

The combination of two materials in the bracelet, dictated by fashion trends or used to embellish the watch, is however an aspect of distinction for the watch market. Combinations such as steel and ceramic or plastic and colored metal are often used.

Milan knitted bracelets

Having lost its defensive function as an armor from the Late Middle Ages, metal mesh is used in wristwatch bracelets as an elastic element, providing movement to our fashion accessory. The Milano mesh, with its fine interwoven rings and its caressing structure, gives a very peculiar appeal.

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