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Fashion trends 2017

The pendulum of perennial return (and transience) is also a laboratory on time since his place of observation takes the pulse of fashion by frequenting what works as a virtuous mirror, as a beacon of refinement and experimentation that mediates the beauty of the body and the elegance of the personality, which sells reality, miracles, and fantasies against faded dreams or ironies of fate.

The typical couple is this time, lover-lover with a natural load of feminine charms and sensuality, but softened in grit since those who wear a dress tend to resemble you, and remakes the verse of the 60s and 70s.

It doesn't take you by surprise or create confusion because it's like a peaceful review without revolutions and amazes onlookers by showing off agile class. Fashion not for street shots to any people but on young people who are deliberately eternal, graceful and subversive, roaring, supple, accomplices, so natural in their movement that they are courted for a need for empathy; this fashion, that is to express oneself and opportunities to show your creativity, anticipate desires but remain aligned with the collective gesture of the moment, almost like a demanding personality who knows how to grasp micro evolutions, he associates talent, seasons and builds the temporary identity of appearing based on the idea of have fun.

The woman of the collections highlights the soul: attractive, enchanting like the wearer who parades with a dress, or a handbag, showing off jewelery accessories, make-up, lipsticks, and perfumes, which ignites the aptitude for creative outburst generating little functionality but explosions in the volume of the dress. It exhibits an evocative, gaming world charm of similarities, from unexpected cerebral loves, wonders both in fresh years and in bubbly fifty-year-olds, uninhibited and greedy for attention who perhaps reproach themselves that they didn't remain so beautiful with their childish pout, although it was re-adoptable anti-aging strategy aimed at overcoming challenges.

The plot of sensuality is repeated which never neglects the image so as to be in every photographable moment: it will be the vain expression of oneself wearing airy veils and embroidered lace, will have the body wrapped in sinuous and floral lines (the nature), illuminated by sequins and sparkling constructions in the details that intertwine with others forms of beauty with the aim of finding oneself at the center of one's world through a seduction that attacks boredom and makes you believe in your own qualities.

Obviously, therefore, a strong scent of freedom if every hairstyle is right when gets the chic style right: short and practical hair for a renewed, often free individuality from the judgment of man, however, the long hair with classic charm persists.

The male shows the best care (rigorous clothes that give a breath of life back to the essentials that can be worn outside of any extravagance, pocket squares, colored ties, even jackets double-breasted for a style with strong aesthetic reflections); the man reshapes his face and body with massages in the gym (he strong, she emotional) because he convinces himself not to grow old, shows more optimism, is muscular and less reserved, avoids instincts predators, tends towards the proud classic that supports the shape and highlights the beauty of the virile soul revisiting timeless tastes, never exiled from the past and beautiful ideas they re-emerge stubbornly.

Young people, who do not want to resist change and have little need for security (brother-sister couple), are restless and rebellious, they chase the styles of musical artists more, and they wear fun clothing.

Watches, often collector's items, protect tradition with almost design which does not make them appear obsolete, they represent a fashion statement from the 60s and 70s: they are strong pieces similar to historical brands but with the planning of creative talent, always renewed machines that decline the moments to fly on ideas, to disseminate parts of oneself and resurrect individuality where even time is a masterpiece.

They are made not exclusively to follow the agenda and future hours but first of all, those we spend together with the flattery, not to take the risk of being delayed and live richly. They can be authentic works of art: with flowers or animals that protect very enjoyable timepieces when style wins over fashion and the challenge consists in updating the past seasons, as if to change to never change.

The selection of models is wide and refined, almost a pleasure of excess, they count infinite series of variations well coherent in stylistic identity and predisposition to more sophisticated customization that allows you to discover your own piece among jewels, bijoux, and designer creations, true peculiarities of success: precious and luxury (with set diamonds), of a refined style and for refined palates (with simple elegance), for rebels artisanal (gunmetal color and studs, somewhat Gascon with a personality from sell), sporty or traditional, vintage, with an industrial style that enhances technology and electronics aimed at innovating functionality, military, chronographs.

Technically impeccable, they follow the trail of progress in elegant dials, colorful or practical, in the details that personalize so much that they truly make the watch unique in the finishes and different materials of the case (gold, steel, carbon, titanium, ceramic, etc.), in precision because each model is a synthesis of jewelery and watchmaking even if technique triumphs over the whims of aesthetics, they then represent concepts that highlight the value of our organization: they are mechanical timepieces, automatic, quartz watches equipped with straps that fit the wrist like shoes precious.

Treviso, 30 November 2016

Fashion trends 2016

In fashion, which this time recalls the imagery of the 60s, there is no need for avant-garde or exalting the buzz of the audience serves the study of emotional and sociological flows (no to chic, or forced, exhibitionism, if life is a beautiful game), the apprenticeship in art, the following the ego and suggestion since clothing and accessories are a language with the aim of communicate something in the eyes of the beholder, therefore not an armor but a fact psychological, aesthetic and freedom; however today one dresses one's being, not to come accepted.

This will be a season of intuitive and complicit fashion that will leave you amazed, almost wrong, and with a fluctuating taste since the worn will not be valid for tomorrow and the old rules seem to be falling apart, even though we all need positivity and joy (the are future infringements and irregularities perhaps anticipating social upheavals?); in any case, in the next collection the legs, when pleasant, will be exhibited at any age as places of desire, the transparencies of what I see will not appear role-playing games, the contaminations will push male and female to get rid of conventions and constraints: the personality will decline into excesses, freedom, progress, novelty, charm of disorder precisely through the mixing of genders (male pieces a little even in the feminine, and vice versa, an exhibition of contradictions).

The women - free, passionate, and irreverent - will seem like urban explorers suspended between distant worlds (city and nature), restless but charming muses col charm of a whimsical luxury to rediscover the sense of irony; it will remain in man's classic clothing (the trousers are masculine starting from the fabrics because they are there a difference between sexuality and gender identity).

Often the colors will precede cheerfully subversive collections, preferably energizing (the bold and immediate red is that of kings and revolts, but also the trend from the incoming summer and winter seasons); in spring chromatic spots, blue (few blue and white combinations), fuchsia, orange yellows, sand, shades aquatic, brushstrokes of sage and acid green or the tropics; midnight black dresses even under the coat spotted.

Since no item really sets, the premise of summer will remain in the lines next with flower embroidery, short dresses and tunics of great lightness and creativity, prints exotic, tribal references, and botanical hints.

The fabrics will be light and precious, the prints will be shocking with no limits to creativity they will follow the whims of inspiration, almost like tailor-made garments because success rests on the details.

Aesthetic anarchy will be dictated by spontaneous, enveloping and sensual emotions the instinct to recover a retro effect diluted in the play of mini skirts and tunics court; soft and carnal summer, lingerie-like, with dizzying necklines and splits to the touch sexy to discover the story of those who know how not to take themselves seriously (every fashion that contrasts the crisis does not go unnoticed); trousers, coats and raincoats will fit snugly evolving into winter in the light, elegant or casual down jacket, packaged following men's clothing.

Nothing minimal, therefore: colorful sweaters with mosaic work (as in the '60s) that break the rules of order and symmetry but are small and bold details in accessories with nature to make femininity blossom, inviting you to break patterns with stripes: large floral jackets to play down, checked coats futurists, Comfortable and modern unisex waves that refine the masculine.

The accessory fever continues: necklaces, bracelets with artificial stones and gems, and watches focus on gold (yellow and red); watches, even on PVD and wood, will be of male identity, of excellent workmanship and meeting expectations (which avoid any fall of image because the perceived quality remains a brand) and they will not follow only there fashion but will look for models with a longer life, creative richness and inventions ingenious, made with materials and movements capable of competing with the best-known names of Swiss tradition.

Treviso, 18 November 2014


Prerequisite for realising the present spring-summer and autumn-winter 2015 collections.

Designers cannot, by definition, be in a creative crisis and fashion moves fast from season to season without the risk of getting bored between the ebbs and flows of motion perpetual. He invents and reworks inspirations and trends which, however, will never remain completely dominant.

This year, above all, the '70 (even the 80s), really strong year: Young people lived idealism and were times of revolt with the power often inspired by women, there was a strong need for freedom - even sexual - for non-conformity and transgression, of political struggle and ecological sensitivity, of informal lifestyles and casual, colorful, musical. For the evening an eccentric look was adopted, with shirts colorful and dizzying splits. The decisive impulses came from the streets and the parades Of fashion became spectacles (and so it will be in the future too). At that time, very briefly and from selective memory, we used some notes taken from our work
“The dynamism of fashion between cycles and trends. The rule of the pendulum" .

The young men had long, unkempt hair or beards and wore sweaters and shirts patterned, they wore tight, bell-bottom trousers, hot pants and pointed shoes rounded shoes, flat sandals, and high wedges, boots, very short miniskirts, dresses up to feet or balloon. The trend was towards unisex and the ambiguity of the sexes.

The identity card of the 70s

The dominant gender code was feminine; the reference couples: were brothers, son-mother, and son-lover. The body had to be slim.
Fabrics: jeans, polyester, jersey, silk. The colors saw a return to nature: beige, khaki, sand, olive green, brick red; when summer they were lively and exhilarating in both male and female aesthetic appearance. The accessories: colorful rings with precious stones or glass, brooches, and chains.

The identity card of the 80s

The gender code returned to being masculine; the reference pairs: were child-mother (in the trend woman was masculine and aggressive, man tended to lose their masculinity). Therefore a resolute style. The fabrics were velvet and fantasy suits. The accessories: leather vests, leather ties, colored shoes, tattoos, double-breasted suits, suits, and shoes from gymnastics, short skirts, and baseball caps.

The next spring-summer 2015

The world behind us returns where young people seek, in their own way, generation previous. How to wear the clothes worn by parents, to exalt the spirit of family (this happens in times of crisis).
Lightweight, full-bodied fabrics or leather full of fringes, skirts in various lengths, prints and embroidery on clothes, shorts like in the 70s, shoes, and bags called by name, wonderful items to display, objects that reveal craftsmanship and characteristics handcrafted, tailor-made and luxury denim, perfectly wearable, refined even in the details in casual version.
Baroque designs and African style, jeans with many pockets, distressed and with rhinestones, skirts long and fluttering on the ankles that can make for a great holiday.
Accessible luxury with many details, decorations, and applications illuminated by Swarovski stones or from romantic pearls, but also shimmering gold and silver, round and light glasses from sight or sun; then backpacks and shoulder bags triumph, city shorts, red and black dominate summer white.

The watches need to follow the path of design: they must resemble those traditional comfortable and pleasant - metal case, which always applies new materials, circular (feminine symbol) and leather strap - will focus on appearance, on aesthetics to move the impulse to purchase an almost unique piece, on lightness for the large size of the cases, on the increasingly fashionable or hot black color gold. Remember to make models inspired by spectacularity, ecology, and good food Very made in Italy at the Expo.

Autumn-winter 2015

She dominates the feminine code of being a master of herself with her tender emotions, retro-future romanticism, and urban concentrations as if they were showing off at the fashion show mothers family (but on the catwalks, the models are, obviously, very young) in the timeless style (70s essential, 80s athletic) that celebrates excellent skills tailored in impeccable lines.
They are symbols for dispelling the crisis and overcoming the recession, mild autumn-winter style: therefore precious materials and furs without regrets, two-tone and long coats, veils seductive in their bold and aristocratic volumes. refined minimalism, clothes tight-fitting, leather compositions, printed patterns of richness and talent to make beautiful figures, colors powder, fiery red, black, iron grey, camel, bottle green, blue intense. Ironic accessories with a perfect shape with luminous effects and flashes on the skin: high boots, bucolic and shoulder bags, with strings and visible stitching, bold and colorful bags everyday sophistication, but ironic, eccentric.

Treviso, 18 February 2014



Fashion trends 2014

The time for whining and tantrums is coming to an end, we need to get on the winner's bandwagon (be ahead of the curve in the feeling of prosperity by polishing Made in Italy, even among the flattery of the competition), feeling like gladiators in the awareness of one's own value and of the creative ability previously demonstrated, to commit because Italian fashion is certainly in the dream of the consumer who wants beauty and does not confuse the durable with change, the symbols of the excellent charm of tradition (the classic) and the shuffle the cards with assertive energy for the primacy of styles, which they know distribute images of beauty and not just the frivolous.

The opportunity is, therefore, tempting to protect our brands on the wave of giving emotions lifeblood to creativity because fashion oscillates without remorse, finding its freedoms: from neo-antique and conceptual baroque to fluorescent furs, to silk with embroidery sequins. Tailoring is the tool for the search for beauty on the body, it blends tradition and innovation, the more women want to feel free in the present seasons, and dress in colors against the grayness of winter. In the new aesthetic trends the spotted worn to be noticed, the summer blooms, and the ethnic-chic of the 60s/70s that they evoke wild paradises because there is no elegance without surprising elements.

For the accessory, the whimsy of bright colors: in the feminine hybridization and advantage of practicality, sophisticated conversation jewelry (perhaps) inspired by tiaras Russian women, spectacular earrings with riots of diamonds will be mounted. Accessories between innocence and romance that exude luxury, leather bags, and extraordinary necklaces silver inspired by large necklaces, rings with a festive and extravagant charm in rose gold and diamonds, and earrings in white gold and diamonds. In short, dreamy flavors and luxury sophisticated. The clock is an archetype, the praetorian of timeless time (with dials in mother-of-pearl, rose gold, diamonds).

The color will see clear water for an innocent or dark woman to hide secrets:

if spring is a noisy season with months of strong colors, its revolution in color will see the sand, but the touch of the navy will still be the protagonist in the declensions from the blue to the green of the algae and in the ethereal dresses full of dusty pink or fishy charm, pearly whites for sophisticated and elegant feminine silhouettes (maybe inspired to the 50s), next summer will see luxurious overlays of impalpable fabrics, feathers, and wings to take flight, delicate tones of good girl pink and gold that does not may be missing, autumn will be glittering and golden for a free woman in need of color and brightness (pink, yellow, purple, green, bright colors, combinations strong). Times contemporaries propose a woman endowed with power and energy, certainly feminine and seductive but also concrete, strong, and free.

Winter for women with transparencies and rigor in coats, even in fur, for a comfortable and never ostentatious elegance to enhance a modern, provocative woman or sweetly sexy whether you wear a tunic or a sober suit; in the masculine, from “you’re what you wear” in a person growing up, they will see formal and comfortable clothes as a good person society, even light-hearted and impeccable. Energetic casual traveler's metropolitan and cultured fashion that must last.

In short, the 2014 winter man will be handsome, elegant, and casual enough to make even the ordinary extraordinary: lace-up shoes, cigarette trousers, unlined jackets, apparent seams, turtleneck or crew neck sweaters, gloves, and large accessories. The whole is always very masculine.

Treviso, 3 November 2013

Fashion trends 2013

Because fashion is the stage where changes in taste and the search for beauty, its style communicates a high semantic value and sinks deep into the culture, while retaining the ephemeral characteristics of the imagination, of the projections of dreams and desires in a world of possibilities. The skill is to narrow down ideas by reducing them to elements to then be translated into images, in which the stylistic codes are able to update models, colors, and accessories.

Those of the collections we are dealing with (which are inspired by the '60s and '70s) produce a strong visual and emotional impact: the aesthetic and light elegance of Bon Ton seems Almost a mission, while quality becomes a system. Therefore discoveries and rediscoveries between history, memory, and self-portrait where the past illuminates the spheres of collective identity and of personal interiority to generate sincere fashion, which manages to subtract the consumer to approval through the choice of fabrics, colors, and accessories.

If the dream is the luxury of thought that pauses between fantasy and reality, the meeting of art and fashion seems irresistible when it touches the boundaries of moving geometries and witty extravagances (like the neckline, bold and timeless, in its potential to sensuality) that combine the technical with the natural. Extreme refinement, sophisticated, and their slightly dandy voluptuousness in a very feminine look but impeccable in the combination of details and the need for rigor.

Creative is the references to the past for a wealth necessary to be happy and make fun of time, showing the age you want to be by highlighting your own reassuring beauty, which knows how to stun the senses by exaggerating the class through positive feelings for the heart and mind because people want to have fun and seduced by making even the ordinary extraordinary.

The soft woman makes the crisis seem more distant while the man is a mix of reminders of the past mixed with the modern, for a non-homologated masculinity that does not exist puts the line in a cultured fashion that must last. Women's knitted dresses, a lot pleasant to wear, they seem indistinguishable from handmade ones; right in the knitwear uniform type and romantic suit, the colors will be balanced (beige and light grey, light blue, ivory and sand, military green, brown and red too for man) without forgetting the silver-grey.

In its personality, stylistic code, and values, the jewel watch brings with it a very high emotional load: not for show but to maintain a sober profile in the triumph of care and excellence. A return inspired by the military-safari style he rhymes with beauty and irony and, for the industry of the time, vintage-inspired chronographs well readable from the enamel dial, finished in black and white.

The military watch has advantages that attract enthusiasts due to its (important) size, robustness, and reliability. Elements and trends that will mature should be noted, probably, in the 2014 collections.

In the eternal question of what is fashionable and how stylish this summer collection showcases an assortment of elegant and contemporary classics. The color range goes with a very masculine fresh white combined with shades of beige and bright blue.

If beauty is authenticity, the 2013 men's collection raises the level and stimulates self-awareness, where the meticulously tailored suit becomes a visible expression of it and unmistakable.

The man dresses elegantly and comfortably, expressing a refined atmosphere characterized by rigor and sobriety. It will be classic and casual, full of the sophisticated style of a gentleman versatile, well suited to all occasions of the day. Attention stands out for the details and nuances: dynamic, inserted in the metropolitan context between office and gym, with free nonchalance he is inspired by aristocratic fashion. In short, it dresses one virility distilled from the 70s.

The atmosphere

Elegance, everyday life, dream, magic, irony, and somewhat bohemian passion, with a discreet luxury and a green soul to witness the rebirth of nature. Fun, play, humor, cherry-colored lips, and "gel effect", make the mouth sensual and painted eyes a tribute to femininity revealed by the most refined expression. The style masculine sees the double-breasted in virile elegance; his wardrobe aims for excellent craftsmanship and tailoring that lasts in the re-edition of noble fabrics cut to perfection, even with maximum functionality.


Even the white-black and white-steel combinations regain accessories for a great deal of desire for color, but ironic as entertainment in the name of geometry and balance chromatic. The colors are illuminated with silvery flashes and precious colors, stones set, and sophisticated buttons. Nature on parade is a source of inspiration: elegance in prints with colorful floral patterns exuberant in the energy of the colors, in the care of details, and in the lightness of summer.


Very fine, it gives oomph to knitwear and work bags, it is a precious and luxurious luxury item of artistic craftsmanship, with the rediscovery of traditional techniques. Silver lizard, gold-colored snakes, coins, stones, and diamonds in a golden mixture-glory, folklore, and culture.

The accessories

The accessories in matching colors, are chic but functional, complete and enrich the look. Fundamental and impeccable serve an independent and careless style of the tiles, they are bright and always wearable, extravagant and experimental, ironic and fun for a pleasure for sexy and dandy women. The man seduces his casual and confident self. Balance in pairing, where details are sought after hence the wave of positivity revitalizes the retro trend, the sensuality of the dress, the modern thought.

Treviso, 6 September 2012


Fashion trends 2012

Wristwatch manufacturers also need to study the dynamism of fashion and its cycles, so let's anticipate the contents of the next look: it will be dominated by the style masculine (the elegant virile, and precious, driven by pleasure in beauty) and by his feminine complementary (the romantic with a high emotional content, refined, full of passion, sensual). The style of urban life and the charm of timeless classic, clean, and rigorous lines.

There will be a need to exorcise the climate of a crisis that is still present, which affects the figure existential of bon ton and transcends, in the dress as in the accessories, the taste of individual consumers with the flashes of luxury, adapted to sophisticated and elegant living through the proposals of creatives and the solidity of the European cultural tradition.

If the style has a semantic value, which is there to be seen and read in detail expression of the personality of those who exhibit it, fashion seems to adopt, for the consumer of the “global village”, the theory of dripping from designer labels most successful together with the horizontal communication of imitation and contagion, in order to make the buyer aware of their aesthetic code.

Furthermore, fashion appears to be the faithful witness of the times to underline the conditions social, the evolution of customs, and subjective and collective ideals. Consumer culture, in short, transforms dressing in accordance with the variety of look proposals into pleasure, it remains the mirror of external individual competition.

If the idea remains that of cultivating the spirit of research, both relating to the luxury segment and to the more commercial proposals, these are the previews of the summer collection 2012, which will be characterized by a seductive, delicate elegant, relatively femininity stability and responsive to the historical moment with the complex economic situation, with the expectation of a slow recovery.

The reference couples are the refined ones of lover-lover and husband-wife, designed for consumers who follow the fashion trends.

The spirit is modern, for a sophisticated, feminine, young, and fresh woman who refuses excesses by choosing an updated classic. The wind is therefore blowing on the market new materials, accurate details, and sensuality.

The prints are polychrome (1970s), very flowery, with witty and ironic motifs they give up lightheartedness, with an explosion of patterns and natural colors: yellow Sun, orange, cherry red, bright pastels, turquoise, blue, and green.

In fabrics, the natural rough image is good (linen and cotton).

Accessories for a natural summer with relaxed elegance, with neutral colors and soft materials as in bags, roomy and functional, in velvet, in leather with studs and chains, in silk with sophisticated colors (dove grey, petrol, moss); details in metal. Romantic jewelry and bracelets (modular and ironic, in steel) for her, gothic for him. A sign of success has always been an original and strong idea (design is not a matter of price), the right balance between the number of pieces to offer and the effect of surprise and an offer as per a niche segment to underline a precise identity. It is necessary to break the impression of the tendency to be homologated, which is so often present in the fashion market, with leading proposals. The evolved consumer tends to express uniqueness through clothing, and accessories, and more than dressing to look like others aims to tell your own story.

The men's watch interprets the aforementioned pairs both in form and for sizes and colors. The dressed objects are very masculine, even with a gothic taste to enhance virility. The colors are preferably those of luxury (gold, red) and black, synonymous with modernity and technique, often with steel or woven leather bracelets. They have the charm of authentic and limited edition objects, even in the infinite possibility of variations.

The women's watch is the accessory that is most influenced by the motifs of the season declined in reference pairs and is embellished and colored as if to complete the dress. Dress is the masculine and feminine colors (black, purple, red).

Treviso, 5 November 2011

Fashion trends 2011

Spring Summer

Given that, in males and females, to make fashionable, sexy, and unfailingly special is self-confidence, the pleasure of living, natural beauty and elegance, the trends of this collection underline the urban lifestyle, the classic (which exudes timeless charm), the clean contemporary look with rigorous lines.

The dresses are elegant and sensual (generous necklines and slits, reminiscent of bon ton in the tight dress to underline the silhouette) enhance femininity, caress the body with grace and lightness, they see floral prints and patterns, they are inspirational artistic or ethno-chic, to be embellished to increase the beauty of one eclectic person, cosmopolitan, elegant, somewhat romantic but practical.

The colors recall the "dust of nature", the sand from desert safaris, then ivory, orange, green both bright and aqua, white and marine blue, ice, red passion (energy, desire for fun) and sunny yellow because spring brings a riot of colors that praise new life as summer instead enhances the desire for casual freshness.

Accessories have a touch of freshness, modernity, and fun, and come on often contrasting materials (which combine tradition and avant-garde).

Autumn winter

This collection synthesizes opposites even in times of globalization, evoking the past and sensing the future, mixing male and female elements, the tailoring with aesthetic creativity. It always remains the place of desire in women's clothing, with memories of the 50s and 60s, but also the 80s.

The fabrics, including velvet, highlight styles of barely military inspiration, among other things sporty and vintage, and are often striped; Scottish motifs and prints present ethnic and metropolitan styles.

However, the colors remain bright and bright: from the usual black-white to reds and tones orange.

Therefore, autumn-winter completes spring-summer in style and colors.

The men's watch interprets the aforementioned styles in both shapes, sizes, and colors.

The dressed objects are very masculine, to enhance the virility, and the colors are preferably dark, luxury ones (gold, red, etc).

The women's watch is the female accessory that is even more influenced by these motifs of seasons because it is embellished and colored to complete the dress.

It wears masculine colors (gold and red) or bright feminine ones (black, purple, red).

Treviso, 25 October 2010


Fashion trends 2010

Will the classic style influence the production of wristwatches?

We will assist you in the need to underline clear ideas, the synthesis, and the elegance of the style - creativity, talent, competence – with the need to keep both roots firm cultural and traditional and gender needs through sartorial details of men's and women's clothing (sensuality without uncertainty, absolute and reiterated femininity of the Amazon who challenges with seduction) showing, at the same time, the anxieties of present sociality.

Extravagances seem to be banned next winter because the classic is in times of crisis the rule returns: one wearable fashion, a mix, therefore, of nostalgia for the past (also return to the sober luxury of garlic 50s ) and desire for the future with a great desire to normality, relaxation, impeccable elegance and without snobbery, wearability and comfort, of passion.

Will follow the ‘80s style, made contemporary; the classic coat will not be eclipsed, whether long, double or single-breasted, it will tend to be gray and reread with intelligence aggressiveness while jackets, jackets, light down jackets, and down jackets will become established elegant, especially the leather synonymous with strength and soft sensuality, the sweaters elegant, new fabrics (but also velvets and cashmere, all always well cared for, cut and finished, little colored).

Dust off your bags and shoulder bags; the footwear will be the ankle boot, the boot, and the amphibian boot to represent the characterful personality.

The colors are typical of autumn and the wild nature atmospheres of the season: woods, bark, leaves, but also a lot of voluptuous red in addition to black (for unrepentant seductresses). Few accessories And in leather, the glasses will be macro.

Treviso, 15 October 2009



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