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Original Design Manufacturer


We specialize in the conception , design and production of wristwatches for third parties, studying fashion trends to best serve our Watch and Jewel Brands , Fashion Brands and Corporates customers.

Conception - Design - Prototyping - Production - Packaging - Assistance


Creative visions

The process of designing a watch or an entire collection for a brand is the result of the exchange between several subjects: the brand manager, the style centre, the marketing office and those responsible for the material production of the product. Bringing together the reasons for the originality of the creatives with the indications coming from the sales of the commercial area is not trivial. We at Intermedia Time have been engaged in the world of wristwatches for 31 years, aware that there is no fashion designer without the market and that our aim is to help you sell a product or, through this, your brand thanks to a design and all-Italian style.


Expert designers

Every year we design new wristwatches that enrich our customers' collections and their marketing campaigns. Our tailor-made design is divided, to simplify, into two types of products: the fashion watch and the classic watch of the watchmaking tradition. In watch design, trend analysis is one of the strong points for a winning product and in this our team of designers will assist you by studying your brand to create a project that is similar and coordinated in colors and shapes. From the choices of the latter together with materials and movements arise the sketches and renderings that we propose for choosing an exclusive watch.



From the two-dimensional drawing to the physical prototype of the watch. Thanks to our prototyping department we can make the size and wearability real with a resin or steel sample.

A very helpful support for those who have to decide or have to exhibit a project, for which the combination of a prototype of the clock with slides and prints is often decisive for the perception of the entire project.


Production since 1991

Many years of experience in the selection of materials, in the choice of production technology, in assembly and quality control together with the presence of our companies in Switzerland and Hong Kong, are our business card. Commercial relationships with companies producing wristwatch movements and constant updates allow us to preview innovations in the field of watch production, making them available to our customers.


Cases and displays

Packaging determines the first impression on the product, influences the perception of its value, indicates with shape, color and material its belonging to a style, a brand. Our design studio also creates the concept of the cases and displays, creating a coordinated image of the product while respecting the brand's identity.


Guaranteed assistance

Our service doesn't end with production. Our internal laboratory guarantees customers a rapid and qualified assistance service for the repair and overhaul of the watches produced, down to every smallest functional and aesthetic detail. All Intermedia Time watches are covered by a 24 month warranty. We are available with highly qualified personnel for all aspects relating to technical assistance and the customization of your watches.


For any information call us at +39.0421.492.101 or contact us via email cristina@intermediatime.it

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