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Let's create your bespoke watch together

From your ideas to our watches, the step is short. The experience of our technical departments, the flair of our designers, and the skill of our craftsmen are all at your side for the realization of any project.

Private Label Watches

For the Watch, Jewelry, and Fashion Brand sectors, Intermedia Time provides companies with specialized services to satisfy all types of requirements.

Do you already have an idea?

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We offer our customers the opportunity to create projects completely designed by them, so that they can retain complete creative control over the design, supported by a first-class service from our side.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Looking for inspiration?

We advise you as best

We have been involved in the conception, design, and production of watches and jewelry for 30 years. Together with our customers, we create the perfect accessories to bring their brand values and identity to life.

ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

Want to customize an existing item?

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We offer more than 300 models of unbranded wristwatches for men and women to customize according to your wishes and ready for delivery

Tampography, laser engraving, printing, hallmarking

Not just watches

Intermedia Time's many faces

We are firmly of the opinion that a wristwatch is among the most suitable accessories to communicate a company's style, values, and image, but we know that it is not the only one.

This is why Intermedia Time is always striving to provide new proposals by supporting customers with a targeted and well-thought-out Corporate Strategy and by producing ad hoc promotional items.

We offer advice on merchandising design, especially for fashion and sportswear, offering ideas and inspiration that can lead to successful results.

Corporate Strategy




Special Projects

Over the years we have worked with leading companies and popular brands, highlighting values and messages to promote a winning image. Would you like to be next?

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Guaranteed Assistance

Our service does not end with production. Intermedia Time's in-house workshop guarantees its customers a rapid and qualified service for the repair and overhaul of manufactured watches, in all their smallest functional and aesthetic details.

All Intermedia Time watches are covered by a 24-month warranty.

We are always available with highly qualified personnel for all aspects of technical assistance and customization of your watches.